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The Lemonade Society- Headquarters- Washington, DC area

Headed by mini Co-CEOs, Charlotte and Hendrik, The Lemonade Society pursues the mission of the LiTEArary Society- to promote a lifelong love of books among preschool-aged children in disadvantaged communities- in a super fun and age appropriate manner. All meetings are supervised by a parent or caregiver. 

The Lemonade Society hosts monthly book club meetings where members spend half of the meeting discussing a book chosen for the meeting or in a read aloud session by an older child or parent, followed by a creative activity related to the book (arts and crafts, making themed cards for charitable projects).

The remainder of the meeting is devoted to activities related to the charitable mission of The Lemonade Society, which includes creatively wrapping new books in a eco-friendly manner for donation, planning book drives and discussing current projects. Although meetings are fully  supervised and coordinated by adults,  the children take an active role in every aspect, especially when it comes to choosing favorite titles for donation! 

Lastly, The Lemonade Society members engage in other community service activities outside of the meetings including, delivering donations and working with their schools and local businesses to procure donations, while learning valuable leadership skills along the way! 

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